A River, One-Woman Deep, a collection by Linda Ty-Casper

A RIVER, ONE-WOMAN DEEP (Publication Date is July 1, 2017)
Linda Ty-Casper
ISBN: 9780971945845

P.O. Box 5099
SM, CA 90409
Emails: palh@aol.com; palhbooks@gmail.com

This book collects master fictionist, Linda Ty-Casper's novella (A River, One-Woman Deep) and 8 short stories. It will be released in early 2017.

Author's Bio

Linda Ty-Casper was born in Manila, Philippines, grew up in Malabon, and has lived in the United States since 1956, remaining a citizen of the Philippines.

Her short stories have appeared in three collections; in anthologies and literary magazines in several countries. Her novels, historical and contemporary, trace the “troubled moments and movements” from the 1750s (The Peninsulars) to the 1980s (DreamEden). Awaiting Trespass was selected one of the Top 5 Women’s Fiction in England, 1986.

She has degrees from the University of the Philippines and Harvard; received the SEA WRITE Award, ALIWW Parangal, Pamana, UNESCO/P.E.N., Rockefeller (Bellagio), Radcliffe Fellowship; and is a member of the Boston Authors, UP Writers, Society of Radcliffe Fellows, Restoring Sight International, and Birthright.

Writing is her way of coming home to visit, of being home away from home

What they say about A River, One-Woman Deep:

“These stories must first be read as information, essential information; then as knowledge, which is power, which empowerment leads to wisdom, which in turn makes us understanding, merciful and forgiving…”                                        
— Franz Arcellana, Philippine National Artist

“It is the character of her wisdom and strength, both uncanny and profound, that gives the stories their distinct nationality. It is a probing character, logical yet intuitive, relentless yet compassionate. These are stories whose humanity is so tellingly alive and authentic that the craft with which she superbly weaves it into a unity of themes fades into unselfconsciousness.”
—Mauro Avena, Author of The Suitors and Other Stories

  “Linda Ty-Casper's range is considerable. She is not trendy and shows no interest in riding the crest of any literary wave. For that matter, she asks no favor from her reader, insisting rather on being understood on her own terms. Thus, it may at times be mistaken as too demanding, but this is not really so; her vivid and unromanticized characterizations are there to commit our trust in a story worth telling.”
                        — N.V.M. Gonzalez, Philippine National Artist

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